Ads 2020: Pathos ad to be aired in Australian city 2020

Pathos will begin airing an advertisement in the Australian capital Canberra in the coming weeks, according to a statement released by the ad company.

The Pathos advertisement will be the first commercial broadcast in Canberra since 2020, when the Sydney Opera House went digital and the Australian flag was removed from the Australian Capital Territory’s official flag.

The advertisement is set to run for four to five minutes, with a view to airing in Canberra on the evening of May 31.

The ad is a joint effort between Pathos Media Group and the City of Canberra, which have agreed to partner in order to promote the brand in a way that will appeal to Australians of all ages and political views.

Pathos founder and CEO David Pryce told the ad was the first of its kind in Australia.

“It is a bold move for us to show the city of Canberra to the world in this way,” he said.

“This ad is not a political statement, it is an opportunity to let the world know that Pathos is an Australian company.”

Pathos’ first commercial aired in Canberra in 2020 Read more Pathos has a long history of political campaigning in Australia, including a run in the 2016 federal election in which it was a key player, as well as an unsuccessful bid to win the 2020 Commonwealth Games in Sydney.

A spokeswoman for the City said the ad would run in Canberra from April 4 to April 7, 2020, with the intention of reaching more than 40,000 households.

The statement from the City confirmed that the ad is the first to be released on social media, in the same way as it has been for years.

“The City of Melbourne has agreed to broadcast a Pathos commercial in the Melbourne CBD,” it said.

The City of Perth, which has a strong network of Australian audiences, also said it was interested in the Pathos campaign.

“We are very excited to be working with Pathos and are committed to delivering a truly memorable and engaging Pathos event in the Perth CBD,” the statement said.

Pathis is an independent advertising and public relations agency with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The company is owned by the family of actor and actor David Cross, who has been the company’s chief executive since 2015.

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