Advertisers say they’re not ‘shocked’ by the Trump administration’s new policies

Advertisement Advertiser groups have slammed the Trump White House for reversing an Obama-era policy that prevented them from using their own brand names in their ads and branding.

Advertisers, especially big brands like Microsoft and Nike, have lobbied for years to be able to use their brand names and logos in their advertising.

But the Obama administration had made it clear that only small businesses and nonprofit organizations could use their own brands.

This has left many small and independent companies unable to use a broad range of their brand’s logos and other branding, which could have resulted in them being shut out of ad campaigns.

The Trump administration announced Monday that it would change the rules, allowing small businesses to use logos and brand names as long as they also use other advertising technology.

The policy would also allow large companies, such as Amazon, Google and Walmart, to use other ad tech for the same purpose.

But there was no immediate comment from AdWords, which is the most popular ad tech company, or from the National Association of Broadcasters, which represents most of the broadcast industry.

In a statement, the broadcast groups said the change was a “misstep” and that it was too early to say whether they would appeal it.

“We welcome the Administration’s decision to restore the traditional branding of advertisers and brands,” the groups said in the statement.

“We look forward to working with the administration to ensure the best possible advertising experience for consumers, and we will continue to work with them to ensure that the digital ad market remains a safe and open space for advertisers and brand owners alike.”

The groups called for the Administration to create a new set of rules for larger advertisers and for the broadcast and cable industry to have more say in how their ads are displayed and used.

In an email, a spokesman for the Broadcast Association of America, which manages AdWords for the industry, said that the agency welcomed the change and that the industry has “strongly supported the White House’s efforts to provide more options for advertisers.”

The White House said it is “making it easier for consumers to access ads and brands that they trust and understand.”

The announcement comes as Congress is considering an overhaul of how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates online advertising.

The proposal is aimed at helping consumers get more choices for the ads they see on the internet, as well as giving consumers more control over the ads that they buy.

The FCC is under intense pressure from the tech and technology industry to overhaul its rules, which have been plagued by lawsuits and criticism.

The FCC last month approved the FCC’s first major overhaul of online advertising rules in nearly a decade.

The new rule will not only give consumers more choices over the content they see in their search results, but will also make it easier to get the best ads, especially those that are more relevant to them, the FCC said in a blog post announcing the new policy.

The changes will apply to the advertising space on websites, mobile apps, video, and social networks.

But those will still not be able be used in digital ads, and advertisers will still have to provide a direct link to the ad.

The rules are aimed at encouraging greater choice in advertising by giving consumers control over what they see.

However, the companies that are using their brand name and logos will still need to pay for that, as will advertisers that want to use them.

The change comes as the Federal Trade Commission (FPO) is also mulling a new rule to crack down on online retailers that fail to pay fees to advertisers.

Under the new rule, retailers would be required to pay a minimum of $50 per ad for each ad they run, with the amount depending on the size of the ad, the size and placement of the ads, how much the ads were purchased, and how long they ran.

In addition, online retailers would have to offer a way to get ads that consumers want to see, and the ads must be clear and easy to understand.

But it is unclear whether the new rules would apply to ad formats like television commercials, which are not required to be clearly identified as ads.

The move comes after the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) said it plans to release draft rules to address a wide range of issues including the digital advertising space.

The FCO said in April that it wants to make it easy for consumers and online advertisers to see ads that are relevant to their interests, including the type of ads they want to view.

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