Hawaii Star advertiser is on hiatus

Hawaiian Star advertisor has been temporarily suspended by Google after being accused of promoting a controversial “joke” ad campaign.

The company issued a statement Tuesday saying that it is aware of an incident that occurred this week involving the advertiser and it is suspending the advertisor indefinitely.

The Hawaiian Star, which specializes in Hawaiian music and movies, had announced plans to run an ad in early April that features actor Joe Pesci saying he thinks it’s a good idea to start a chain of restaurants called “Liquor Stores.”

Pesci, who is known for his political advocacy, is featured as a featured speaker at the “Liqueurs and Spirits for America” event at the Hawaii Convention Center.

The ad has since been removed from the Hawaiian Star website and YouTube channel.

The group said in a statement that the ad “did not meet our standards for commercial use.”

The Hawaiian Times reports that the group’s board of directors has asked Google to suspend the Hawaiian star advertisor.

The Associated Press first reported the ad on April 5.

The Hawaii Star said it is investigating the matter and has not found any evidence that the advertisers ad violated Google’s terms of use.

The Honolulu Star reported that Pesci had posted an Instagram video in April that featured him in a shirt with the Hawaiian flag and reading, “My dad made it, he raised me.

We’re proud to be Hawaiians.”

Pesce has become a frequent target for critics who say the actor should not have been given a platform by the Hawaiian media company to promote his politics.

Pesci is currently scheduled to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in October, and he has also been a featured guest on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In a statement, Pesci said that he has received death threats from people who think his political views should not be allowed on the air.

“I feel like I’ve been bullied for a long time, especially since I came out,” Pesci told the AP.

“People have been telling me that it’s not okay for me to speak, that it would be disrespectful to be outspoken and that I should stop.”

Pesces comments about Hawaii, which was named after the state’s famous pirate captain, come days after a video of the actor joking about making a chain around a Hawaiian restaurant appeared online.

Pesces character is known as “Mr. Hawaii” on the show.

He is also the owner of the Hawaiian chain of Liquor Stores.

Pesce also has been a frequent subject of political criticism on social media.

He has previously compared himself to the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and in April, he compared the current U.N. Security Council meeting to a “bloodbath.”

PesCE said that people should be able to discuss politics on social platforms.

“If I’m a human being and I decide to be on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, I have a right to do that, and that’s what we should be doing,” Pesce told reporters in April.

“And if you are a human and you decide to make a joke, you have to take it back and if you do it again, you should be reprimanded and if the person that said it to you gets banned, that’s how we should do things.”

PesCes statement came days after he was also criticized for an ad he posted that included an image of a man dressed in a red suit with a gun and a caption saying, “We don’t need more guns.

We need less guns.”

In the caption, PesCE wrote that he believes it’s OK to use guns to fight crime in Hawaii.

He also said that the use of firearms in Hawaii is a national issue.

PesCE also tweeted in April about the shooting at the U.K.’s Westminster Bridge.

“When a man wearing a bulletproof vest walks into a church and starts shooting people, we are no longer a safe country,” PesCE tweeted.

“Gun rights activists have always fought for gun rights, but I would not be standing by in the same position.”

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