How to get rid of ads in Israel

Israel’s government plans to ban advertisements on the internet, with the aim of reducing the pressure on the country’s digital economy.

The government’s Communications and Information Authority (CIA) plans to adopt a “zero-rating” policy in the coming weeks, according to a document obtained by The Jerusalem Report.

This means that advertisements will be no longer displayed on the Internet, as is the case for websites such as Facebook and Google, and will instead be removed automatically, according a CIA news release.

This would be implemented from April 25, 2020, according the agency.

According to the news release, zero-rating would mean that advertisers would no longer be able to show their ads on sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that are not fully automated, nor have they opted in to a system called “ad blocking.”

In the wake of the mass protests in April, which saw thousands of people taking to the streets in protest of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the government imposed a ban on all commercial advertising in Israeli media.

Censorship has been a persistent concern for Israeli citizens, especially for the online community of young Israelis, who are critical of the government’s policies.

The CIA’s decision to ban ads could, however, be seen as an attempt to curb public opinion and to avoid further criticism of the country.

A similar move was announced by the countrys telecoms company, Israel Telecom, in May of last year.

The announcement included a similar zero-rated policy, though it did not mention Facebook.

It was unclear if the ban would be the same one announced by Tel Aviv’s government in April.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for the agency said: “The policy is a step forward to ensure that all advertisers have the opportunity to reach their potential customers and reach a broader audience.

The CIA also said that advertising on Facebook and other social networks will be subject to “zero rating,” meaning that they will be removed if they do not comply with the policy.

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