How to get ‘The Last Resort’ back on shelves: Shrink brand

In March, Shrinking Brands posted an ad featuring makeup artist Sarah Dessner.

Dessners latest makeup project was called “Last Resort.” 

It’s the latest installment of her “Last resort” series.

Dressed in a black-and-white print dress with matching jewelry, Dessers makeup was reminiscent of the iconic 1950s glamor films. 

Last Resort is the latest project in Dessern’s “Last resorts” series, which are collections of works that are designed to enhance beauty and enhance a woman’s overall look. 

Dessers latest project was titled “The Last resort.” 

Last resort is an image that is often used in the fashion world to describe the glamor-style look that women traditionally go for when they are feeling their best. 

“When you’re in a good mood, you’re always looking to make the perfect makeup look, and that’s exactly what I want my clients to do,” Dessens Instagram caption read. 

According to Desser, her goal with the makeup was to be more “in your face,” rather than focusing on a particular product. 

The “Last vacation” collection is available for pre-order from Shrinks Instagram page. 

This week, DESSERS last resort collection will be on display at the Shrunken Museum in New York. 

A new exhibit will be unveiled in November that showcases the works of artists like Dessercons “Last” collection. 

While Desss “Last summer” collection was an “influencer” for Desserts, Dessesers new collection will have a much more intimate feel. 

With her new makeup collection, Ders is taking a look at how to approach the makeup process, as well as the process of makeup in general. 

In the past, Dons beauty products have been designed for the specific needs of different skin types. 

However, now, Dors makeup is being designed for a broad range of skin types, and her beauty products are being tailored to the person herself. 

For example, she has recently created a “pumpkin” lip balm that will work on both dry and oily skin. 

On Instagram, Dresser has been sharing a video tutorial with her followers that outlines the various steps of the makeup, as they apply the products to the skin.

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