How to spot a phony restaurant ad from Apple and other tech companies

It’s not often that a website advertises something to you, but it happens all the time.

Nowhere is that more evident than on Apple’s own website.

If you click on “Featured Products” and you find the name of Apple’s Apple TV streaming stick, the ad is real, as is the “Free Trial” for the Apple TV 4K, and so on.

But Apple isn’t the only one who uses fake advertisements.

On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled a new feature for the social network to make it easier for people to flag suspicious sites.

The feature is called “Fake Site Alerts,” and it will now let you know if a site is using fake content.

This is a “fake site alert,” Facebook says.

“If we find you’re sharing a fake content or advertising from a site, we’ll flag it for you and notify you that it’s fake.

This means we won’t show you ads or content that might violate our Community Guidelines.””

We don’t allow Facebook to run fake content on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider in an email.

“We take the safety of our community very seriously and use advanced technology to block suspicious sites.”

The site alerts will be visible on Facebook’s News Feed, but they won’t be shown as a link to your Facebook News Feed.

Instead, you’ll see them as a message, and it’s up to you to click on it to find out whether it’s real.

The new feature is only available for users on Facebook.

Other social networks, like Instagram, also use automated software to block the fake sites.

If someone sees an ad for something from one of those other platforms, you can still click on the ad and it’ll be flagged as a legitimate Facebook ad.

There are also other ways you can spot a fake site: click on a link, hover over the ad, or see the “Terms of Use” section.

And if you click the “Sign in” button on the site, you’re given a confirmation that the page has been flagged as fake.

Facebook’s new feature will not be rolling out to other social networks until next week, but users can opt out of the feature by going to the “Settings” tab in the Facebook app and checking the box next to “I want to opt out.”

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