How to spot an ad from an ad network

I love that word “advertorial.”

Advertisers are marketing themselves.

I love when people say that, because they know that they can’t really tell if the person behind the ad is trying to sell them something or if the ad just has something to do with their brand.

And when people think that they know how to tell whether someone is trying out an ad campaign or a marketing tactic, they often end up buying into a misleading advertising approach that they are not really paying attention to.

In fact, many ad networks and advertisers rely heavily on misleading advertising to attract viewers, according to AdAge.

“They don’t know what’s going on with their audience,” says Mark DeSantis, CEO of advertising technology company AdAge, which specializes in targeting and creating effective marketing campaigns.

The ad industry, for its part, has struggled with the issue.

“I think the ad industry is just not ready for a world where every marketing opportunity is being monetized,” says AdAge’s DeSantsons.

A New Frontier of Advertising for Advertiser and Media In the new advertising world, AdAge says the ad network is the new frontier in advertising. “

When people are not paying attention, they end up being sold short.”

A New Frontier of Advertising for Advertiser and Media In the new advertising world, AdAge says the ad network is the new frontier in advertising.

“The internet has given advertisers and media access to the same tools, the same analytics tools, that they’ve always had to be on their side,” DeSantos says.

Advertisors and media companies can now use ad networks to help them track the performance of their ads, the success of their campaigns, and the performance, success, and performance of the advertisers and their content partners.

“In the past, we’ve been able to look at a brand as a static entity that’s tracked, and that’s how you can do your own data and analyze that,” De Santis says.

“With the internet, you can get more granular and much more predictive.”

That’s what AdAge was able to do last year when it analyzed its online ads.

It looked at its online traffic, and it looked at the performance and growth of each ad campaign it ran in the past year.

“And it told us that the ads we ran in a particular campaign were actually improving the experience for our viewers,” De Santis says.

That’s important, because many people believe that online advertising will help them in the long run, he says.

But for now, advertisers and advertisers want to know how well their online ads are performing.

“People are paying more attention to online ad performance, and we want to understand what’s happening with those metrics,” De Solas says.

The new ad networks that are popping up all over the place are a new breed of online advertising.

And some of the networks are trying to take advantage of that attention, to make their online campaigns even more compelling to their advertisers.

AdAge is a part of a growing number of online ad networks, including ad agency Tilt Brush, who have been using ad networks as part of their marketing campaigns for a while now.

The agency has been running campaigns with TiltBrush for about three years, and in those campaigns, the agency has paid for some of those online ads to run on AdAge as well as other ad networks.

“We know that we can’t make it easy for people to see our ads without having to pay for them to run,” says Tiltbrush CEO David Bostrom.

“So we’ve started offering a paid ad experience that we’ve built into our campaigns, which allows us to make sure that people are getting their ad dollars back when they see it.”

This new ad network allows people to pay to see their ads run on a network of ad networks without having AdAge run the ads themselves.

Tiltbrush is now offering AdAge ads on their network as well.

That is the latest twist in an ad industry that has struggled for decades with how to best communicate with its audiences.

The problem isn’t that people aren’t paying attention.

It’s that they aren’t using the tools AdAge has built to get better at spotting misleading advertising.

In the old ad world, ad networks were very concerned about people not paying much attention to what they were seeing online.

They were concerned that people might not be paying enough attention to see the ad and decide to buy it.

But those ad networks also recognized that people weren’t paying enough time and attention to be able to determine if an ad was misleading.

“Advertisers and advertisers know what is going on in the world, and they know what they can get out of a campaign and they can use that information to get their advertising dollars back,” says DeSanta. “If we

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