New ad campaign aims to help young people avoid addiction

By Michael Glynn-Lane The ad campaign by a company called Next Generation is trying to make it easier for people to get help.

“It’s about the need for more people to know what’s really happening in their lives,” said Next Generation founder and CEO Matthew Miller.

For a variety of reasons, the company, which specializes in digital ads, decided to focus on teens and millennials.

It said it was working with the nonprofit YouthHelp and the National Association of People Abused by Priests to develop a digital campaign to help them.

The campaign, which was developed in partnership with Next Generation, was launched Monday, and it will run in the coming weeks on Next Generation’s social media and mobile channels.

“If you are one of those people that has had a lot of negative experiences with alcohol, drugs, or alcohol abuse, or you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or have a family member who has, you know, you need to talk to someone about this and find a way to help,” Miller said.

Next Generation has been working with YouthHelp, a nonprofit that helps troubled teens.

Miller said YouthHelp is trying not to push people too hard into addiction.

“We want to give them a chance to find the support that they need,” he said. 

Next Generation will focus on youth aged 13 to 19, and they will target teens that have tried marijuana or alcohol.

It also will target teenagers that are on the brink of becoming alcoholics, or those who have had problems with prescription drugs or alcohol that they are struggling to control. 

“We really believe that it is the people who are most at risk of getting into a bad relationship with substance abuse, they are the ones that we are most concerned about,” Miller added.

“We’re not just targeting teens, we’re also targeting families.”

“This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to help anyone,” he added.

Miller said Next Gen will target young people through a digital marketing campaign called “The Last of Us.”

It will start with a series of six short videos that will explain what Next Generation sees as the biggest challenges in young people’s lives.

“The last of us,” Miller says in the first clip, “are often the people with the least access to the resources and support they need.”

The next two clips are about “the people who need it the most.”

They begin with a simple graphic that tells the story of a family with a father who has been addicted to alcohol and marijuana.

He struggles to make ends meet, and the family’s problems aren’t getting any easier. 

The Next Generation ad will feature a photo of a young boy playing with his sister, a family photo, and a photo album of family pictures.

“I just want you to see this,” the video says.

“I want you in this family.”

“We’re trying to help you understand the challenges you face,” Miller concludes.

“It starts with you, and then it continues on to other people, so hopefully you can see how much we’re here for you.” 

The final two clips will focus heavily on youth with mental health issues, but Miller said Next Generations hopes to target people in the same way that Next Generation does.

“When you look at a mental illness, you see someone who’s struggling to be able to function, and you see them, you can actually look at them and see that there are really good things going on,” he explained.

“If you’re looking for support, you might see a mental healthcare provider, you’re not looking for a counselor.

You’re looking at someone who has a support system in place that will help them get through this.

It’s not something that we’re trying on the young person.”

The Next Gen campaign is one of several Next Generation campaigns to target young adults.

Last year, the nonprofit released a short film called “This Is the End.”

“There is a lot more that we can do to help people, but that’s just not the focus of Next Gen,” Miller explained.

Miller said that Next Gen wants to change the way people think about addiction.

“The focus of our program is to help the young people who have been through this and who have the tools to stop it,” he continued.

“This campaign is going to show them how it’s really not the end of the world, but rather a journey to a better place.”

The Next Generations ad campaign was launched on Monday. 

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