“The Big Three” and the Big Four: What’s Next for Online Advertising in 2017?

New York, NY—May 16, 2017—A recent study by The Jerusalem Report has found that the market for online advertising is growing exponentially, but the major players are not yet making it mainstream.

The report, entitled “The Next Billion-Dollar Market,” analyzed data from the Advertisers Guild (AG) and found that ad revenue is expected to double by 2021.

While the market is still small in terms of revenue, it is expected that the top three advertising companies will all be able to double their revenues in the next decade, with each accounting for $20 billion.

The first three companies to hit the top of the list are Facebook, Google, and Apple.

The report found that in the last four years, they have doubled their revenue, from $12.2 billion to $15.3 billion, while the average amount of advertising dollars spent per user has also doubled, from 8 cents to $1.18 per user.

This growth has led to a dramatic rise in the number of advertisers in the space, from one-third to more than half a billion, the report found.

Advertisers are becoming more and more interested in the opportunity to reach more people online, with a wide variety of content and services to choose from.

In the coming years, online advertising will become the dominant form of media in the world, with consumers increasingly turning to digital advertising as a way to buy and sell their goods and services online.

In a report published earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the global advertising market is expected hit $1 trillion in 2021, with the largest advertisers accounting for a staggering $1,600 billion.

According to the ASA, the top six ad networks, plus their competitors, have revenues of more than $1 billion.

These six advertisers account for $3 billion in total revenue and make up only 13 percent of total advertising dollars spend by consumers worldwide.

The market for advertising has grown exponentially, however, and in the future, the industry will need to expand into other categories, according to the report.

For example, the ADAA expects to see a shift to digital video advertising in the coming decade.

The average amount that advertisers spend per user is expected grow from $1 per user in 2021 to $2.40 per user by 2025.

This is due to the growing popularity of mobile devices, and the increased demand for advertising through video, audio, and social media platforms.

According a recent report by IDC, the market share for digital advertising in 2021 is projected to reach 15.3 percent, up from 11.9 percent in 2021.

IDC expects digital advertising to account for 30 percent of global advertising revenue by 2025, compared to 19.6 percent in 2020.

As the digital advertising market expands, the cost of digital advertising will also be rising.

While digital advertising revenue is projected by IDP to grow from about $50 million to $80 million per year by 2021, this is still far less than the total revenues of the top five companies, which account for more than 100 percent of all ad revenue in 2021 alone.

The study also said that while the amount of digital ad revenue per user will grow from 7 cents to 10 cents per user, the amount spent by advertisers will remain the same at around $1 on average.

However, the data revealed that the average number of clicks per user per year has also been rising, from about 4.3 to 5.6.

The Advertiser’s Guild (ag) said this growth is largely due to a rise in new types of ads, and a shift from traditional content-based ads to more of an informational one.

The group has predicted that the growth of the ad-tech industry will be the largest in the industry by 2021 and will create a global economy in which advertising is king, with more than a billion people paying to be seen online.

Advertising is already the dominant medium of advertising in many countries, but for the foreseeable future, it will continue to play an important role in the way that people buy and consume content online.

As advertisers look for ways to better serve their audiences, there is a clear need for better online advertising.

The ad industry will have to adapt, though, if it is to become the leading digital medium in the 21st century.

In addition to the need for new ways to reach consumers, there are also a number of new challenges that are going to come up in the digital world, including the rise of social media, mobile apps, and more.

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