UK advertising group says its online strategy is about to collapse

Business Insider UK’s advertising industry has been hit by a major setback as the UK’s biggest marketing group, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), accused the firm of misleading its customers about the risks of e-commerce and social media.

The ASA said it had received numerous complaints about the ad network that runs on its websites and is the subject of a $10 million lawsuit by two Australian advertisers.

The two businesses said the ads appeared to mislead consumers into thinking they were buying a product that did not exist.

The Advertising Standards Agency has received more than 20 complaints about ads run on the website of Adelphian, an online advertising group that owns Adelphi, the advertising company behind the website Adelpha.

“Adelphi advertises on Adelphia’s sites, and they mislead consumers by stating that AdelPH is the only trusted and reputable ad network for online advertising,” the ASA said in a statement.

“While Adel PH is the most trusted, AdelPh has failed to meet its obligations under the AdelRH Act.”

The ASA issued a warning last week to the Australian companies, saying their ads appeared on the site of Adalphian and were not in compliance with their Advertising Standards Regulations.

“The ASA has taken immediate action to stop the conduct of these companies, and has asked them to take corrective action, including undertaking a full review of their online advertising practices,” the agency said.

“We will also consider further actions to hold Adelpris responsible for any breaches of the Advertising Regulations.”

The companies say the advertising campaign was part of a larger campaign to influence people to buy products they did not need.

“As a result of the ASA’s intervention, AdalPH has suffered a significant loss of revenue and has been forced to consider the impact of its ad campaigns on the industry,” the company said in the statement.

AdelPH, which was founded in 2008, is a leading online ad network, and is one of the largest ad companies in the world.

The group owns more than 4,000 sites, which are used by more than 50 million people worldwide.

It operates with a focus on mobile advertising and online advertising.

The ASA said AdelPris was advertising on the sites of online advertisers who were not listed on the company’s website.

“We have been in touch with AdelPRIS and have asked them for an immediate response to our complaints and will consider further action,” the group said in its statement.

“These advertising practices were not the intention of the advertisers or the advertising campaigns.

The ads were a part of an extensive marketing campaign, which has been well coordinated with the advertiser and the advertising network.”

The ad agency has also been targeted by a lawsuit filed by two advertising groups.

The advertising companies say they were told to stop selling online ads because the ASA has concluded that Adalpris is not in breach of its advertising regulations.

The companies are now seeking an order to force Adel Pris to stop using Adel pris’s online ads.

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