What to know about Apple’s Apple News

Apple is the company that’s been doing some pretty bold things lately, and its advertising business is no different.

It’s an example of how a tech company can use the advertising model to expand its reach into a new market without actually having to build any of the product or service itself.

Here’s what you need to know.


Apple has been making a lot of big moves in the advertising space, including an acquisition of Snapchat that’s led to a $200 million buyout.

It also acquired the social-media-focused site Medium for $1.2 billion.

Apple also owns several ad-blocking companies, and has been pushing for more.

But the company is only now starting to roll out its own advertising solution, the Apple News service.

This isn’t a new idea.

The company has been selling ads for years through its News app, which is a free-to-download app on iOS and Android devices.

Apple News has been a core part of Apple’s messaging strategy for years, and it’s been one of the most successful in terms of getting people to engage with the company in ways that don’t involve clicking on ads.

Apple is not alone.

Google has also been using the same strategy.

In 2013, Google rolled out its AdWords, a platform that lets publishers sell ads to advertisers and publishers.

That platform is still in its infancy, but Google says it’s on track to be ready by the end of the year.

Now, Apple News is trying to catch up.

Apple’s News app is free for anyone to use, and the company has not announced a cost for users to use it.

Apple says the ads it sells through its app can be purchased with credit cards, and Apple says it does not use any cookies to collect or analyze data from users.

So far, Apple says that it’s selling a little more than 3 million ads a month through its iOS and Google News apps, which accounts for about 10% of the app’s overall sales.

But Apple says those ads are only selling ads that are actually on the News site, and not ads that have been filtered out by the site’s algorithms.

The app itself also includes ad-sales widgets that let you see how much money advertisers are charging for each ad.

The ads are also available for all sorts of other types of ads, including banner ads and affiliate links.

The Apple News ad widget is the first ad-selling feature to be available for Apple News.

It lets users see how many ads have been shown for each story they click, as well as how many ad impressions are being generated per ad click.

This is similar to how Google’s AdWords ad-advertising system works, but Apple’s is more granular.

You can also see how long the ads are running, and you can see how those ads have moved around since they started, all in one place.

The ad-sale widgets also include a bar to show a snippet of ads for each reader.

That’s where Apple’s ad-revenue tracking system comes in.

The feature is an attempt to give publishers and advertisers more visibility into the sales they’re making through the News app.

The News app will start collecting data about how people are spending money in a given week, for example.

If a publisher sees an average of 5,000 impressions per reader, that publisher can get a more accurate sense of what kind of traffic they’re getting, and they can start tracking the types of traffic that are driving their advertising revenue.

Apple wants to be able to tell publishers that they’re driving a lot more traffic to their stories than they would have had if they had paid more attention to the News ads.

The new Apple News advertising system also lets publishers buy and sell ad impressions for the News page.

Publishers can also buy ad impressions that show up on other sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

These ads, which can be paid for by publishers or advertisers, can also show up in the News article itself, if the publisher chooses to show it in the app.

In the past, publishers could only pay publishers for the ad impressions they’d show in the article itself.

But in Apple News, publishers can now pay publishers to display ads for specific stories.

Publishers will be able pay a monthly fee for these ads, as long as those ads don’t show up anywhere else in the site.

For publishers who want to buy ads in the App, they’ll need to go to the “Buy Ads” tab on the main Apple News home page, and then click on the “Purchase Ad” button.

This button will let Apple sell the ads for a specific publisher, and also let Apple send the ads to a specific address.

This option isn’t required for publishers to use the ad-sharing platform, but it’s nice to have.


Apple just announced it’s making a $100 million buy out of Longs star ad advertiser Longs.

Longs, a social-marketing company, bought Longs in 2017 for

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