What you need to know about Amazon’s AMAZON ad deal

Amazon is trying to break into the online retail business with its new ad deal, which allows it to buy more than one ad slot from advertisers for a maximum of $20.

Amazon’s AMAX ad deal is a huge deal for advertisers because it gives it a huge amount of flexibility, says Marc Thompson, director of media at the consumer research firm Kantar Media, which tracks media spending.

It’s not surprising that Amazon is willing to pay for ad slots, because they are a very large part of its business.

They can provide consumers with an additional level of value, and they also help it compete against other ad services.

The ad buys are often for just a few seconds of a piece of content that would otherwise be displayed in one ad, but advertisers pay for them because they feel the value is worth it.

In the US, advertisers spend $8.8 billion per month on Amazon.com.

That figure includes online advertising.

The company has been selling ads on its own websites for a while, but now it is giving advertisers the ability to place ads on Amazon as well.

In the US alone, it sells $14 billion in advertising each month.

Amazon is buying advertising for $20 on its sites, and it is also selling ads for $6.99 each on Amazon Prime.

If Amazon is selling ads to its own sites for just $20, it is not paying for those ads at the $6 price point.

Instead, Amazon is paying for ads at $7.99, $9.99 and $12.99.

“Amazon’s ad purchase strategy has allowed it to be able to offer consumers value at a much lower cost than competitors,” says Thompson.

“If Amazon is going to be buying ads from other advertising platforms, that’s an important step.”

Amazon also announced on Tuesday that it has signed a deal with ad service Kantar to create a TV ad-buy platform that will compete with ad networks.

Amazon said the TV ad platform will allow Amazon to buy ad slots from a broad range of media companies and advertisers.

Amazon has been testing ad buys with other companies, but it has never made a deal directly with an advertiser.

“We do not have a deal in place with a major media company,” Thompson says.

The $20 ad deal will only be available to consumers who have an Amazon Prime membership, but Amazon said it will also offer free trials to new users.

“There is no upfront cost to get your first ad on the Amazon platform,” Amazon said.

Amazon also announced that it will start selling Prime memberships through a new online store, Amazon Prime Video.

The ad-buying platform will compete directly with Google’s ad platform, and Amazon said that Google will be the first to offer free Prime video advertising to its customers.

Google’s AdWords platform is used by advertisers to sell ads on Google products.

Google and Amazon are in a battle over who can charge the most for ads.

Amazon has been able to sell ad slots at a discount to advertisers because the company has the flexibility to purchase ads with its own ads.

That’s why Google, which has the most dominant ad platform on the planet, has a lot of leeway with its ad buying.

Google has been expanding its ad platform and selling ads with Amazon in the past year, with the company buying AdSense for $2.9 billion last year.

Amazon, on the other hand, has struggled to make money on its ad deals.

Google is trying a new approach with the ad platform: It will offer ad slots for $7 a pop.

Google recently started testing ad deals with other ad platforms, including Adobe, Adobe Digital Editions, Google, and Microsoft.

But it has not yet done a deal like Amazon’s ad deal.

Amazon’s move to buy ads from ad networks is a step in that direction, but this deal does not directly compete with Google.

Amazon and Google are also looking to buy some TV ads, but they are not yet making a deal.

“The ad business has never been as lucrative as it is today,” says Bob Coughlin, CEO of digital advertising research firm DBI Research.

“Advertisers are going to want to buy a few more ads.”

Google has the second-largest ad market share in the US behind Amazon, and there is a lot at stake in that market, according to DBI.

“The ad market has never seen such an explosive growth in the last decade,” Coughlinsaid.

“It’s one of the biggest and most valuable markets in advertising.”

Amazon and Microsoft have a history of getting into the digital advertising space.

Amazon bought ad space for its ads on Microsoft’s Bing website in 2005.

Microsoft was buying ads on the Microsoft Bing site in 2011.

But those deals have been smaller and more limited than the $20 Amazon is offering.

Amazon says it will begin buying ad slots on its site this week.

“As Amazon continues to make significant progress in digital advertising, the company will also be working with partners and

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