Which ads will make you smile in the movies?

The latest ad campaigns are making us smile, but they’re not always good ones.

Here are some of the more cringe-worthy ads that you might want to avoid.1.

Adorable Dog for Dogs: This ad campaign from A&G for Dogs features an adorable dog named Kip.

It features a few videos of Kip and his adorable friends in the woods with the tagline “We all have one great dog.”

In reality, he’s a dog who has been trained to lie down on his back in order to protect himself from other dogs.

It’s not even the most adorable dog in the world.2.

Adoption Ad: This advertisement by Adopt-a-Dog features a young girl named Adrianna.

She’s a single mom who wants to adopt out her three children.

Adriana has her friends, a dog named Doggy, and a little girl named Maya who is her “special friend.”

She asks Doggy to help her and Maya with the adoption, but Doggy can’t.

He gets so frustrated, he attacks Adriann.

After a bit of back and forth, Doggy lets Maya go.

Adriaanna is distraught, but it’s not until Maya’s mom arrives that she gets to comfort Adrianni and tell her that Adriancie’s okay.

She calls Doggy “a beautiful dog,” and Doggy loves Adrianny and Maya.

Adi has a heartwarming moment with Adriannie.3.

Adopt A Dog for Pets: Adopt a dog for your pet?

Sure, it might be cute and all, but the adoption can be stressful for the dogs involved, too.

Adopters must show proof of a dog’s pedigree and current health issues, along with proof of the dog’s need for a home, and they must be vaccinated.

Adopted dogs are typically tested by the American Kennel Club, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

It can be difficult to find a reputable veterinarian to do the test, and it’s usually not available in a hospital.4.

Adolescent-Sensitive Dog: This one has an adorable teen-aged girl with a dog in it named Chie.

She gets to hang out with her dog, get to be petted, and play with him and her friends.

Chie has her dog “Chucky” (she calls him “Ducky”) who helps her get out of the house.

Chies friends are called “Boys” and “Girls.”

In this ad, Chie is the one in the crowd, but Chie’s not actually doing anything.

Chucky gets her out of trouble and the rest of the group is happy to have her as a friend.5.

Admit It!: This ad by P&amp!t is a really cute video with a cute little girl and a cute dog.

The girls are in the same room together and they’re playing with each other while the dog plays with them.

The girl says, “Admit it, you know that dog in there?

It’s cute, right?”

And the dog says, yes.

But the girl doesn’t admit it.

She says, It’s just the dog in my bedroom.

This is one of those times when you want to look away and just enjoy the video.6.

Adorably Scared Dog: The ad for The Dora the Explorer stars a little boy named Daniel.

Daniel is terrified of wolves, so he tries to avoid them.

This ad is based on a real-life incident, but we’re not sure why it’s such a bad idea.

The dogs are wearing “Dora” headgear.

In real life, the Dora is a dog that is scared of wolves.

It was originally created to scare people, but now it’s used for pet grooming and animal rescue.

The dog in this ad is wearing a Dora headband.7.

Adios, Old Friend: This cute little ad from New York City-based ad agency Adopter is about two friends who get into an argument.

They yell at each other, and eventually the dogs get into a heated argument that ends with the dogs chasing each other around.

One of the dogs, Daniel, gets hurt and is rushed to a hospital, where he’s diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The other dog, Chucky, is a little more calm and peaceful, but Daniel’s pals still get into it, so they throw a fight.

This video ends with Daniel’s mom and the two dogs hugging and kissing.8.

Admire My Child: This is a hilarious video from Adoptees for Kids, which features a bunch of kids playing in the backyard with their dogs.

One kid says, I love the dogs.

The next kid says I love Adri, the other kid says “We love dogs too,” and the whole video ends.

The kids are all

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