Why you should be watching new technology ads as soon as they come out

FourFourSeconds ago, a company called Google was trying to convince people that its new video-sharing app, YouTube, was a better way to get access to a lot of the latest and greatest content than traditional video portals like Netflix and Hulu.

The company, which is owned by Google, even launched an ad campaign that played on the notion that YouTube was better than other video services.

In fact, the video-hosting service was actually better than the video service Google itself had been offering for years.

And the new ad campaign from Google is a sign that the company is finally starting to recognize this.

YouTube has always been a platform that was meant to help people access content online without having to go to a site like Netflix or Hulu.

Google and YouTube have been in a long-term partnership that’s been the subject of much debate about how well the platform works.

YouTube is the most popular video-sport on the web.

And yet, over the past few years, YouTube has been slowly becoming more of a platform than a content creator.

The reason is that YouTube is increasingly becoming a content publisher.

That’s because YouTube is using its massive reach and reach-to-customer-base to help other companies produce content for the platform.

For example, the company recently launched a deal with Sony that allows its content creators to have their content sold to other content creators through the service.

In addition, YouTube is also helping content creators create more of their own videos.

Google has also been building partnerships with content companies to produce and distribute videos for YouTube, as well as through the YouTube TV service.

YouTube is also a service that has made the news for some of the shady practices that some video sites have used to monetize their videos.

One of those shady practices is to charge creators to stream their videos on YouTube and sell them ad space.

This means that the creators have to pay YouTube for the space they use to broadcast their videos, which can be a huge burden on the creators.

YouTube isn’t the only platform that’s making money off the video space.

Facebook and Apple are also both making money from the video advertising space, which means that these platforms could also potentially be selling out the video creators to content creators.

That’s a big problem, because the videos themselves are not going to disappear.

In fact, YouTube will likely continue to sell a large portion of the ad space for its video service to other video platforms.

That means that YouTube will continue to make money from those ads that the companies that make those videos.

But the video makers are still going to be earning money from YouTube’s ad space from other platforms.

YouTube will probably also continue to be a platform for people to make a lot more money from content that isn’t on YouTube.

The platform is making money by making videos for other content providers, but that revenue will be coming from YouTube ads, rather than the content creators themselves.

This is why the YouTube ad campaign with the video company is so interesting.

In it, YouTube uses its huge reach to tell viewers that YouTube’s videos are more interesting than any other content platform.

In other words, YouTube’s video-streaming service is better than most video portals, because YouTube’s ads are the real deal.

This video, titled “How to Use the Best YouTube Ads to Get More Money From Your Content” is the only YouTube ad that is actually a YouTube video, which shows a man making a YouTube ad on a computer.

The ad opens with a video of a man holding a laptop with a camera inside.

In the video, he is talking to the camera, and the camera shows him a picture of a person sitting on a couch with a laptop.

The camera then shows a woman sitting on the couch with her laptop, and she is talking back.

The person sitting next to her is talking on the phone.

As the video progresses, the person on the other end of the phone speaks, and they both appear to be talking on a phone, which then leads to a conversation about a video that the person is talking about on their phone.

The video ends with the camera showing the camera being pointed at the person talking.

The ad also ends with a message from the narrator of the video: “Just watch this.”

YouTube has already said that this video is a sponsored YouTube ad.

The fact that the video is sponsored means that it will likely make more money than it would if it was not sponsored, and it’s likely that YouTube has other ads that could earn more money if they are not sponsored.

This new ad is the first of many sponsored videos that YouTube could make in the coming months.

As you might expect, this ad is not entirely new to YouTube.

YouTube has used sponsored videos before.

The last time YouTube used a sponsored video was in December, when it announced a new partnership with a YouTube-owned video-production company called Myspace.

Google’s own AdSense system has a long history of using sponsored videos, but YouTube has always kept

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